Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Kitchen Styles

Picture: Kitchen by Country Kitchens of Devon www.countrykitchensofdevon.com

JUST as there are many styles of home, from country cottage to Gothic castle, so there are many styles of kitchen.
Brave designers can mix and match different styles but the less brave of us will probably plump for an integrated design.
Here are a few ideas:
Country Kitchen: The doors are usually made of solid wood, often with unique paint finishes. There may be open china display racks, a free-standing dresser and a big farmhouse style table. Some include pot racks for cast iron cookware or a butcher's block. I have even known country kitchens with in-built space for the dog to sleep.
Shaker: This is a very clean, efficient and uncluttered style, characterized by purity, simplicity, and utility. The Shaker style is clear crisp lines with lightness and strength. Modern versions can mix and match traditional woods with granite surfaces to great effect.
Rustic French: The French country kitchen often includes large pieces of furniture that are made mainly of light coloured woods decorated with ornate carving. Natural materials are an important element in walls and the kitchen cabinet.
Arts and Crafts: This kitchen design style is becoming a popular style for kitchens. In this type of style glass doors and natural wood tones with a matte sheen are used. The style can be eclectic and artistic.
Contemporary: Kitchens that are done in the contemporary kitchen design style often use plastic laminates, special wood veneers, enamels, lacquers, or metal foil laminate for the kitchen cabinet facings. Cabinet doors in this kitchen design style usually use frameless construction with overlay door and no toe kick panel.
Period: A period kitchen usually matches the period of the house, but it's not essential! If you fancy a Georgian kitchen in a Victorian house, then go for it. Whatever period you home, be it Tudor, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian, you will need to give it a modern twist - unless you really want to be chopping wood every day for your iron range! Authentic touches can be added by looking around car boot sales, antique shops and builders' yards.

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