Sunday, 18 February 2007

Bespoke Kitchens

Picture: A bespoke kitchen by Country Kitchens of Devon.

"BESPOKE" is a word that is much used in the kitchen business .... but beware. Some kitchen firms call themselves bespoke when what they really mean is that they have a large stock of units in different sizes, materials, design and colour.

A real "bespoke" firm will make furniture especially for you and your home.
A good way to check whether you are getting something absolutely bespoke - rather than an existing range that has merely been tailored to fit your home - is to ask for something that's not in the brochure. If they can't accommodate, then they don't do bespoke.

The word "bespoke" may conjure up images of something terribly expensive. But there are many kitchen firms that fit wonderful, individual kitchens which are reasonably priced. Obviously they are going to be dearer than buying off the peg, but by the time you have paid someone to fit your standard units and taken into account all the hassle and the time wasted in organising the installation, a bespoke firm may seem a much better option.

In addition to these advantages, a bespoke kitchen takes into account awkward corners, curved walls, unusual window positions and your own specific needs.
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