Friday, 29 January 2016

Getting Organised in the Kitchen

IT is a real pleasure to cook in a kitchen that is well organised with everything neat and tidy and easy to lay your hands on.

The secret is to have a place for everything, to keep everything in its place and to make sure that items that are used frequently are easily accessible.

Some people want to create the feeling of a bustling, family-friendly kitchen. They like to have lots of items on display. Others want a calmer space with clear worktops and everything out of sight. For the former, open shelves and plate racks can hold herbs and spices or a decorative crockery set. Saucepans can be hung from the ceiling.

You can display your spices and dried herbs in a smart rack or hide them away in a cupboard. This smart chrome spice and herb rack is one solution. This rack can be either hung inside a cupboard door or fixed to the wall.

You may want something more "country kitchen" than a chrome spice rack so take a look at this stylish wooden rack.

If you prefer your kitchen more minimalist, plenty of drawers and cupboard space are a priority. Carousel fittings for the corner units or pull-out shelves in a larder unit mean that nothing gets lost at the back.

A pull-out ironing board and pull-out tea towel rails are also space-saving and ensure a clean, uncluttered look.

Rev-A-Shelf CIB-16CR VIB Series Pull Out Closet Depth Ironing Board, Chrome by Rev-A-Shelf

Space saving products, a pull out ironing board and pull out tea towel rail

Looking for a new kitchen? Take a look at these lovely pictures.

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