Monday, 7 March 2016

George Foreman Grill

THE George Foreman 18471 Grill lets you cook all your favourite foods in a healthier way but in a fraction of the normal cooking time.

By grilling from both the bottom and top simultaneously, food cooks over twice as fast, plus unwanted fat and grease is channelled away into the drip tray provided, for a much tastier and healthier bite.

As one of the newest family grills to the range the 18471 will cook up to four portions at any one time as well as seamlessly adding style and sophistication to any worktop.

Energy Efficiency
The George Foreman grill is a more energy efficient way of cooking your food when compared to an oven or even an oven grill. Cooking food from the top and bottom at the same time means that cooking times are more than halved.
  • Cooks up to four portions of food
  • Grill channels fat and grease into separate drip tray
  • Floating hinge enables cooking of extra thick food
  • Non-stick finish on grill plates
  • Ready-to-cook indicator light


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